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Facilitated by Benita A. Esposito, MA

Do you wish you could accelerate your personal and spiritual growth? Well, I want that for you, too. I don’t want you to miss out on this powerful experience … if you are ready to make deep profound changes.

Breathwork helps you heal at depth and develop emotional intimacy with yourself and with your loved ones faster than any method I know.

What can you expect from Breathwork?

1. Emotional suffering will vanish or greatly decline.

2. Unproductive coping patterns will spontaneously shift. If they don’t change automatically, with follow-up counseling, they can be transformed more easily because you have healed on a deep emotional/spiritual level.

3. Painful family of origin issues will be healed.

4. Grief, even long-standing grief, can be resolved.

5. Limiting beliefs about yourself (shame, unworthiness, inadequacy) will be replaced with self-acceptance. You don’t have to be perfect to feel OK.

6. Physical pain and dis-ease may disappear or diminish. Or, you will have more insight about the emotional causes, if there are any. In some cases, physical injuries have been healed that have no emotional cause.

7. Anxiety and depression ease up.

View the Retreat schedule where we do breathwork: Click here for details. Look for “Deep Emotional Healing”, “Highly Sensitive Person” retreats.

Breathwork is not psychotherapy. It is not cognitive therapy. It is not positive thinking. It is not about controlling or getting rid of your emotions. It is not releasing. It is not letting go of the past.

Breathwork is a body-based spiritual healing modality that combines deep diaphragmatic breathing and evocative music for the purpose of holistic healing and spiritual growth. We invoke unconditional love and healing from the Holy Spirit who guides the process.

In Breathwork, I help you experience your wholeness even in the midst of the pain, the fear, the anger, and the anguish. I help you summon the courage to feel the intense emotions in your body, and stay present. You don’t implode in depression, or explode in anger. You walk away with a more solid sense of your Authentic Self. You feel this in your body.

Results like these can occur in your very first Breathwork session. When you participate in several Breathwork sessions, you gain more skill in the process so you can heal at deeper and deeper levels. While there may be recurring themes, no two Breathwork sessions are ever the same.

If you don’t have much experience with emotional processing, your first Breathwork session may consist of getting comfortable with deep diaphragmatic breathing, staying present in your body, and beginning to feel your deep emotions. You may not experience any earth-shattering results. This is a perfectly respectable first-time experience. With repeated sessions, you’ll experience more profound results.


Photo by Benita A Esposito

Breathwork Process. I’ll help you find the path to your Authentic Self, your spirit, who is connected to the Holy Spirit.

You’ll lie on a mat on the floor with your eyes closed and covered with an eye mask to block out the light. Evocative music and my healing touch will help you in two ways.

(1) Emotions related to unhealed wounds will surface so they can be healed. You’ll intend to stay totally present in your body, instead of abandoning your self … like others have done in the past, leaving you lonely and scared. This time, surrounded by the love of the group, and watched over by me as I am guided by the Holy Spirit, you can connect with the original source of the pain.

(2) You will receive spiritual healing when you let yourself be transported into a place of wholeness where you feel held in the arms of God.

As you breathe deeply and rapidly from your diaphragm for one to two hours, you will activate theta brain waves. Everyone has theta brain waves. We pass through them on our way to sleep every night. How do we know when we are in theta? Monkey-mind-chatter and its related anxiety stop. We see dreamy-like images. We know we have a body, but we don’t feel it so pain goes away. We’re still awake enough to hear sounds and smell fragrances. Intuitive insights may spontaneously pop into our minds, and we may remember something we forgot to do. When we meditate and then come out of theta, we feel renewed with calm clear energy for several hours. Physical pain may be eliminated.

Few people have learned how to use theta brain wave states to emotionally heal and reach spiritual states of consciousness where we experience awe, unconditional love, and profound inner peace … the peace that is talked about in our great spiritual traditions. You’ll learn how to do this in your Breathwork session.


Photo by Benita A Esposito

When you enter into the darkness inside yourself (I call this your Shadow), a spiritual door often opens. You may be flooded with insight. You may see people and scenes in your mind that supply the missing pieces so that you can finally transform your limiting life patterns. You may have a profound experience of spiritual intimacy. Love for your family members may be restored. You may forgive your self at a deeper level.

After the Breathwork session, you will draw a picture highlighting your experience. Then you will share with the group (if you are in a group retreat). I will coach you as needed, and as time allows. You’ll receive support and validation from the group members and from me.

View the Retreat schedule where we do breathwork: Click here for details. Look for “Deep Emotional Healing”, “Highly Sensitive Person” retreats.

Who is invited to do Breathwork?
1) You’ve done a lot of personal growth work, or you’ve taken many spiritual journeys. You’re looking for your next step.
2) You’ve recently started on your transformational journey, and you are serious about making changes. You want to summon the courage to feel your vulnerable emotions so you can heal at depth. You have the ability to remain grounded in your body while feeling emotions.
3) You’re working with another psychotherapist or spiritual director, and you want to participate in Breathwork as an adjunct to your current work.
4) You’re one of my current clients.

Who should not attend a Breathwork retreat?

• People who are abusing alcohol or drugs. It’s best if you have at least one year of sobriety before attending a Breathwork session.
• People involved in domestic violence or other circumstances causing trauma.
• People who don’t want to feel their emotions and get in touch with their bodies.
• Smoking is not allowed at these venues.
• Alcohol consumption or illegal drug consumption is not allowed at these venues.

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To view the complete retreat schedule, click here: Retreat Schedule. Look for “Deep Emotional Healing”, “Highly Sensitive Person” retreats.

Option: To plan a private Breathwork session just for yourself, please email me from the Contact page.

Credentials for Benita A. Esposito, click here.

I look forward to guiding you on your magnificent transformational journey!

Benita A. Esposito, MA

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