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Does any of this sound familiar?

Deep, meaningful relationships with a small handful of people are essential for your happiness, but it’s not always easy to find true friends. Conflict unnerves you. Criticism stings. Your emotions flare. You wish you could compose yourself faster.

You’re smart.  You see the potential in people and projects. But sometimes creative ideas pull at your shirt sleeves so much that you can’t unwind and relax. You’re a deep thinker. There’s so much to do and not enough time for yourself. Anxiety runs a little too high.

You’re dedicated to personal growth. You want to help make the world a better place … or at least improve your marriage or family or workplace. When people don’t agree with your insightful ideas, you feel deflated, like someone poked a hole in your balloon. You get frustrated that they can’t see what you see.

You yearn for spiritual and emotional intimacy. You enjoy the beauty of Nature and quiet time away from the demands of the world. You long for deeper communion with God. You like to be with a small group of friends in a calm environment where you can connect heart to heart. You get bored with church services that leave you feeling empty.

If this sounds like you, chances are you’re a Highly Sensitive Person who is an Introvert.


Take the quiz to find out if you are a sensitive introvert.

The good news is there’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t need “fixing.” In fact, you aren’t even broken. You’re just different.

Being different requires a unique set of strategies for making the most of this unique life you’ve been given. I’m here to help.

I’ll walk by your side every step of the way, guiding you on your Hero’s Journey to reclaim your Authentic Self. I’ll help you share your love, wisdom and creativity with a world that desperately needs people just like you: a highly sensitive introvert.

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Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor for Highly Sensitive Introverts on the Hero’s Journey to the Authentic Self.

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