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Celebrate Your Uniqueness.

High-achieving Sensitive Introverts struggle with a variety of challenges in this not-so-sensitive fast-paced world. Being true to your Authentic Self requires extra care and attention. Fortunately, once you understand the basics, it’s a lot easier.  Grab your free bonus: My Top Ten Tips will help you create a flourishing life suited to your sensitive temperament.

Are you a High-achieving Sensitive Introvert?

  1. You’re smart, conscientious, and creative. However, demanding responsibilities leave you stressed or depressed. Over-worked. You never feel quite good enough. Your body hurts and you’re tired.
  2. You’re dedicated to personal growth. You want to help make the world a better place … at least for your family and workplace. When people don’t agree with your insightful ideas, you feel deflated, like someone poked a hole in your balloon. You get frustrated that they can’t see what you see.
  3. Deep, meaningful relationships with a handful of people are essential for your happiness, but it’s not always easy to find true friends.
  4. You thrive in calm, peaceful environments. Conflict unnerves you. Criticism stings. Your emotions flare. You people-please, ignoring your needs. You stuff your emotions. Later, they erupt in ways you regret. You wish you could compose yourself faster. Anxiety runs a little too high.
  5. You’re empathetic. You soak up other’s emotions, which leaves you feeling drained after a while.
  6. You’re uncomfortable saying no to people. You struggle to take good enough care of yourself.
  7. You’re concerned that people will judge you so you don’t fully show up as your Authentic Self.
  8. You’re good at analysis. You ponder problems to uncover important nuances … things others can’t see. However, overthinking and perfectionism can waste precious time. You procrastinate when you’re unsure.
  9. You yearn for spiritual and emotional intimacy. You enjoy the beauty of Nature and quiet time away from the demands of the world.

You’re doing the best you can.

I empathize with you.

You can count on me to streamline your growth.

I’ll walk by your side every step of the way, guiding you on your Hero’s Journey to your Authentic Self. Soon, inner peace will calm the storms of your life. You’ll be amazed by the mountaintop experiences you can achieve. After struggling with the climb, difficulties will finally melt away. You’ll gaze out from the mountain peak and see a whole new landscape. I’m excited to hear you exclaim, “I made it!”


Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling for Sensitive Introverts on the Hero’s Journey to the Authentic Self

Private sessions tailored to your exact needs on Zoom anywhere in the world.

Retreats are the fastest path to profound transformation. Virtual and in-person.

A warm-hearted, safe place to grow with like-minded friends. Virtual on Zoom.

Let’s unlock your full potential. I’ve got your back.

I’ll help you feel more comfortable in a world that desperately needs people just like you: a Highly Sensitive Introvert. You can count on me to help you reclaim your true identity. This is the essential foundation for a truly fulfilling life. These are just a few of the things you’ll experience:

  1. I love that you strive for excellence. Let’s keep that, but let’s make sure it serves a balanced
    lifestyle. I’ll help you determine the right amount of stress and rest for optimal functioning.
  2. Anxiety and depression will naturally decrease as you learn how to be the conscious creative force in your life.
  3. God designed an exquisite blueprint for you as a high-achieving Sensitive Introvert. To see its beauty, you must view it from the mountaintop. I’ll help you see yourself the way God sees you.
  4. You’ll learn how your health, relationships, and success are impacted by the attachment styles developed in your childhood. You’ll learn how to be resilient, self-confident, and centered.
  5. You’ll throw off the shackles of old limiting programming. You’ll step into the light of day undaunted by other’s judgments – free to be the Real You!

Retreat Schedule for Highly Sensitive Introverts

Young Harris, Georgia
One weekend

Virtual on Zoom
One Day

Young Harris, Georgia
One weekend

What makes my HSP retreats unique?

Talk therapy generates self-awareness, but you probably won’t change enough to feel fulfilled. Here, we reach the subconscious mind to transform patterns. Body-based modalities like Breathwork and Brainspotting skyrocket your growth.

I will help you summon the courage to pull back the covers that protect your inner world. This is where real change happens. I’m like an orchestra conductor who helps each musician masterfully play their instrument. Then, we weave all the voices together to create a beautiful symphony.

Sensitive Introverts often feel lonely because they feel so different. Here, participants feel a sense of belonging held in the arms of love. The emptiness of being alone gives way to a sigh of relief, often followed by a shout of joy!

My coaching is not generic. You’ll receive precise guidance tailored to your exact needs. My strong leadership provides the proper structure to generate efficient transformation. My non-judgmental compassion helps you feel safe.


Relax, cultivate clear thinking, and manage your emotions.

At-home study for self-motivated highly sensitive introverts.

Hello, I’m Benita Esposito. “Chief Trail Guide” on your Hero’s Journey to the Authentic Self.

I’m a spiritual counselor, bestselling author, life coach, and ordained minister. Four decades ago, I earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology. How does my vast experience benefit you? You’ll make faster progress because of the wisdom I embody. I quickly spot patterns to reach the bottom line so you don’t waste precious time.

I follow a grace-filled Christian path that honors all faiths. For fun, I grow beautiful flower gardens. I love to hike through forests to waterfalls. My inner shutterbug shot most of the photos on this website. Rowing my rowing shell on the lake is my favorite form of communing with Nature and God.

Photo credits:  photo of Benita Esposito by K Boyer Photography.  Woman with laptop: CR Paige on Unsplash. Sailboat in Bellingham Bay on istock. All other photos by Benita Esposito

When you polish your facet of the diamond, the whole gem shines more brilliantly.
The quality of the whole human race improves when you take your rightful place.

~ Benita A. Esposito


Benita has been a light in my darkest days. She’s helped me understand my high sensitivity. She is a kind, compassionate, strong guide. She holds me accountable and challenges me to new levels of honesty. I no longer avoid the parts that feel too difficult or shameful to address.

I feel a sense of belonging in the HSP Retreats which helps me feel emotionally secure. I like watching Benita coach participants as they explore issues I wouldn’t have thought to address. I have more strength, hope, and self-confidence. Benita is the best!

Benita sees who I can become and lifts me up. Her warmth helps me feel accepted even when I don’t know all the answers. She listens with laser focus. She confronts my limiting thinking, neither coddling nor belittling me. Self-compassion has softened my perfectionistic Inner Critic.

Like a skilled physician with kind bedside manners, Benita doesn’t sugarcoat the moments when tough love is needed. Her compassion flows steadily into the places that sting the most. Her reassurance whispers sweetly to me that things will improve, and they certainly have.

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