Resilience Retreat for

Highly Sensitive Women


One Saturday, 10am-5pm, July 20, 2024
Location: Virtual on Zoom
Applications close July 1.


Resilience, for highly sensitive introverts, is a profound journey of self-discovery and strength.

It goes beyond mere endurance; it’s about your ability to bounce back from setbacks, adversity, and overstimulation while staying true to your authentic nature.

Resilience means cultivating inner resources that allow you to navigate the complexities of a world that often feels overwhelming.

It’s about embracing your sensitivity as a source of insight and empathy, rather than viewing it as a limitation.

Through resilience, you can learn to channel your empathetic nature into constructive avenues, whether in personal growth, career advancement, or nurturing meaningful relationships.

At its core, resilience empowers you to maintain emotional equilibrium in the face of external pressures and internal doubts.

It involves developing coping mechanisms that honor your need for solitude and reflection, without succumbing to isolation. It’s not good to be too “in” or too “out.”

This journey includes learning to set healthy boundaries, both in relationships and environments, to preserve your energy and mental well-being.

Moreover, resilience for you as a highly sensitive introvert encompasses the courage to embrace vulnerability and authenticity. It’s about recognizing that your sensitivity can be a source of strength, enabling deeper connections and a heightened awareness of your surroundings.

Ultimately, resilience for you as a highly sensitive introvert is a dynamic process of growth and adaptation. It involves cultivating a resilient mindset that fosters adaptability and self-compassion.

You can learn how to transform challenges into opportunities for your personal and professional development.

By embracing your unique qualities and learning to navigate the world on your own terms, you can cultivate a resilience that enriches every aspect of your life.


How is this virtual retreat different from in-person retreats?

When I began offering virtual retreats, I was surprised that participants were so pleased with the results. I like the intensity of deep transformational work. The virtual retreat doesn’t allow for the depth of emotional processing that Breathwork produces. This is a good first step before joining an intense HSP retreat that includes Breathwork. We can’t sit side by side and hug each other, or have dinner together. Even so, participants reported feeling so bonded that they formed an ongoing support group.

What’s unique about these Highly Sensitive Person retreats?

We were wounded in relationships, and we heal in tribe. This small group setting makes it easy for people to bond with each other. Everyone gets plenty of attention.

You will have time to do at least one piece of personal work if you want to. Each participant selects their topic so their specific needs are met.

You’ll learn vicariously as I coach everyone. Sometimes you don’t know what you need to learn and you come away with more than you anticipated.

The group evolves organically in the moment so everyone gets what they need. That’s why you can attend several retreats, and they are all different.

You’ll feel empowered to soar to greater heights because of the power of the group consciousness.

What sensitive women will experience in this HSP Retreat:

·      Expert coaching tailored to your exact needs.
·      Transformation of the unconscious material so you heal more quickly.
·      Self-assurance, especially when people misunderstand you or criticize you.
·      An intimate relationship with Spirit: your source of love, wisdom, and power.
·      Boundary-setting: saying no and expressing what you need.
·      Tactful assertiveness so you both win: “I count and you count.”
·      Practical tools for deep emotional healing.
·      Safety: feel held in the arms of God and by our caring community.
·      Inspiration and support to express your radiant Authentic Self.
·      Creativity to share your unique gifts with the world.

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Gifts and Challenges

You have precious gifts that non-highly sensitive people don’t come by so easily. You are generally kind, compassionate, intuitive, empathic, and conscientious. We can count on you. You want to help people and animals, and you can sense what will make them feel more comfortable. You feel things deeply. You have the ability to love deeply when you feel safe. You have the capacity for rich emotional intimacy. You’re a creative visionary. These are lovely qualities … just to name a few. Read more on the main retreat page.


Tuition for this one-day HSP Retreat for women: $350.

Applications close July 1, 2024.  Make a payment on Venmo to Benita-Esposito. Contact me with your questions.

How to apply for a retreat:

If you are not a current client, I’d love to speak with you. Coaching Highly Sensitive Introverts is my passion. Please complete the application form.  You’ll be invited to a 10-minute Discovery Call where you can ask all your questions. I’ll do my best to respond within 48 hours Monday-Thursday.

If you are a current client, please make a Venmo payment. Please email me and tell me you want to participate in this retreat.

About the Facilitator: Benita A. Esposito

I’m a spiritual counselor, bestselling author, life coach, and ordained minister. Four decades ago, I earned a master’s degree in clinical psychology. How does my vast experience benefit you? You’ll make faster progress because of the wisdom I embody. I quickly spot patterns to reach the bottom line so you don’t waste precious time. I follow a grace-filled Christian path that honors all faiths. For fun, I grow beautiful flower gardens. I love to hike through forests to waterfalls. My inner shutterbug shot most of the photos on this website. Rowing my rowing shell on the lake is my favorite form of communing with Nature and God.

Click here to read Benita Esposito’s credentials and story.

Refund Policy

All refund requests must be made via email. Complete the contact form.
• 30 or more days before the retreat, there will be a full refund minus a $50 processing fee.
• No refunds 0 – 29 days before the retreat, but you may apply your fee to private sessions or another retreat within one year, minus a $50 fee.