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Embark on Your Hero’s Journey to the Authentic Self.


I’ll be your Adept, Compassionate Trail Guide.

 Rev. Benita A. Esposito, MA


I’d like to talk with you if you’re a highly sensitive introvert,

and you’re struggling.

Or maybe you just know, deep down, that there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing, and you want to feel more in harmony with the world around you. Maybe even ENJOY your life.

I’ll help you discover your unique blueprint — and enjoy the life you want and deserve.

Being a Sensitive Introvert is not easy in this not-so-sensitive, extraverted world we live in. But it can be a whole lot easier. You just need to have the proper tools and self-awareness to make the most of your highly sensitive nature and introverted temperament.

As a spiritual counselor, I guide Sensitive Introverts like you through your Hero’s Journey to the Authentic Self so you can arrive at your destination more swiftly, safely, and smoothly.

Butterfly org prple flwr unsplash free c40bbff6What Can You Expect From Working With Me?

When we work together, you’ll experience being understood and affirmed for who you are: an introverted highly sensitive person. As someone who has walked 1,000 miles in your moccasins, I bring wisdom and compassion born of four decades of deep, personal growth experience. You’ll receive the practical tools needed to complete your journey instead getting bogged down.

We’ll work together in some or all of the following areas:

You’ll understand your true identity: your Authentic Self as a Sensitive Introvert. You are not a mistake. God thinks you are beautiful just the way you are, and so do I. You’ll release the shame you feel when others call you too sensitive, too emotional, too quiet, too needy, and too, too, too.

You’ll learn the latest research on sensitivity and introversion from books like The Highly Sensitive Person by Dr. Elaine Aron and Quiet by Susan Cain.

You’ll unfold a life that is truly fulfilling for you. I’ll help you reveal the ideal visions that already wait for you, anchored in your heart. Like Michelangelo, you’ll simply carve away what does not belong. Then, I’ll help you move toward your dreams … this time more sure-footed, weighing the pros and cons so you can act on calculated risks. I’ll share my intuitive insights if you want me to. You’ll stop playing small because you will see new options with new eyes.

You can stop settling for less.

You’ll nurture your spiritual intimacy. No one can tell you what is right for you, but I will help you design practices that deepen your spiritual intimacy: your source of love, wisdom and power.

Sunset_FL_orangeYou’ll learn how to manage your strong emotions. Brain research reveals that emotions of highly sensitive people fire more quickly, more intensely, and last longer than 80% of the population. You don’t need to feel guilty or ashamed because you are different. But you probably do need help managing strong emotions. I’ll help you communicate your thoughts and feelings so you can build healthy personal and professional relationships with the people who matter most to you.

You can upgrade your career to reflect your Authentic Self. Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work. As a Sensitive Introvert, you require a work environment that helps you thrive and allows you to contribute your best gifts. I will help you understand what you need and support you to create it.

We’ll design a nourishing self-care program to support your health. You need balance between giving to others and replenishing your own energy. Sensitive Introverts need quiet time each day to meditate, soak in a warm bath, exercise, or walk in the beauty of nature. I’ll support you to eat healthy, sleep well, and drink plenty of pure water. You’ll enjoy more vitality so you experience inner peace and share your gifts to make the world a better place for us all.

You’ll develop your unique gifts as a Sensitive Introvert. Intuition, empathy, visioning, leading, innovating, teaching, ministering, counseling, coaching, healing, writing, dreaming, painting, mediating, singing, or playing with children … which of your wonderful gifts do you want to develop? You’ll experience more joy and less stress as you spend more time in your sweet spot.

You’ll develop healthier relationships. Emotional intimacy is essential for your emotional, mental and physical health. Even if you are not in the market for romance, a couple of close friends are required. If you don’t already have the quality relationships you need, I will help you develop them.

Swans_2Your self-esteem will grow. Become your own best friend.  Just as in the story of the “Ugly Duckling,” the title character didn’t know he was a beautiful swan until he saw his own reflection in the mirror of a pond. You’ll see your true identity when you look in the mirror I provide for you, and understand how valuable you are.

“Benita’s work is some of the most powerful work I have experienced.”

“Benita’s work is some of the most powerful work I have experienced in 26 years of being dedicated to transformation. I find my personal transformation benefiting all relationships including the many instigated by being a school principal. Through Benita’s work, I have an enhanced joyful attitude toward the lessons that life allows me.”
— Dr. Janice Fletcher, Atlanta, Georgia

“Benita is not only gentle and thoughtful, but downright amazing!”

“Like many Highly Sensitive individuals, the inner life is very powerful for me, both as an integral part of my daily processing, and also as part of my spirituality and meditations.  I have worked with Benita during unusually difficult periods in my life when I felt drained and disconnected from my creativity and my courage to move forward. I found Benita’s help not only gentle (which was really important to me), but downright amazing! She has a gift for guiding me in a way that I find to be very exciting. Repeatedly, within days after a session, I had transformational experiences that moved me, always gently, yet quite clearly to the next level without stress or shock to my system. Benita sees in a visionary way the beauty that is within, and helps to bring it out into active use in the world. She has, and is, helping me fulfill dreams I thought were lost. She is showing me how to stay on track and in a healthy relationship with heart, soul and Divine plan. I am grateful for the chance to work with such a talented soul.”
— Dr. Barry S. Jaeger, Author of Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person, Paradise, CA

Path Steps GRT PrtlndJapnsGarden free MorquefileHow We’ll Begin Our Journey Together

To get started, we’ll begin with a brief, complimentary 10-minute get-acquainted session to assess where you are on your path, and determine if we are a good fit for working together.

Once we decide to work together, we’ll move to our Initial Discovery Session and lay out the course of our work together. We’ll custom-design an ongoing  program to take you through your Hero’s Journey to the Authentic Self.

I offer spiritual counseling by phone, videoconference. I prefer to use zoom. FaceTime is also available. In-person sessions are available at my Blairsville, Georgia office.

If you want to make faster deeper progress, I’ll design a Private Retreat specifically for you. Or if you are in a committed romantic relationship, I can custom-design for Private Retreat for both of you.

Click here to read about group Retreats for Highly Sensitive People.


Hope in sand circles

“I felt more seen and understood in 2 to 3 sessions with Benita than I felt in several months of traditional therapy. Benita’s greatest gifts are clear thinking and rich intuition. She has an uncommon balance of courage and compassion. She says what needs to be said in a way that I can receive it, and take it into my heart. With Benita’s help, I have created a much more balanced life amidst the death of my father, my Mom’s Alzheimer’s, and a very demanding work schedule.  However, the most insightful times have been when Benita helped me navigate through unfamiliar emotions. Being able to face my fears and understand them in a safe environment has given me greater self-trust, authenticity, and clarity about what I want to create in my life.”
—L.S., Corporate Trainer, Salt Lake City

“You helped to birth my Authentic Self.”

“I still remember the day I heard you say. ‘Do you want to be like an oak tree? When everything tries to shake you, your roots will be firmly planted in the ground.’ I really wanted that, but didn’t think I could be it. I have reaped the rewards of those days many times over. All the tears, fear, pain, money, hassles and being humbled was worth it. I cry as I think of the tenderness and love with which you helped to birth my Authentic Self. Where would I be today without that work? Not where I am. If only you could meet the man I have drawn to me. My husband takes my breath away with his exquisiteness. Never could I have been with such a man in such away without all of my past and all of the work we did, you and I.”
— P.B., RN, Bellingham, WA


Why work with me?

If you want a seasoned spiritual counselor with a masters degree in psychology … with the wisdom of four decades of professional experience … who is also a Sensitive Introvert … who has done her own inner healing work …  who is an idealistic visionary who likes efficient practical results … then I’m a good fit for you.

I’ve blazed a trail to make your way easier and gentler.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone.


“I have gained insight into my Highly Sensitive makeup, and acquired many tools to thrive personally and professionally as a Highly Sensitive Person.

Being a ‘road warrior’ and team lead in the IT industry, it was easy for me to drain myself by working 70 hours a week. People in the IT industry discounted my emotions and sensitivity as if these characteristics did not have a place in any work environment. I just could not accept that. Plus, I felt stressed by trying to meet the needs of all the people I love. Many of my friends, family members, and colleagues have told me time and time again that I am “TOO SENSITIVE” as if I was somehow flawed. Through working with Benita Esposito over the past six years, I have gained insight into my highly sensitive makeup, and acquired many tools to thrive personally and professionally as a Highly Sensitive Person. I got up the courage to leave the job where my boss demanded so many hours from us that my whole team suffered serious illnesses. I landed a new job where my empathetic male IT manager actually tells me to take down time. He says, “This is a marathon, not a sprint. I want you around for a very long time to come!” It is an honor and a privilege to work with Benita Esposito as I journey towards my Authentic Self, unfolding my true destiny.”
— L.S., Lead Deployment Engineer, Yulee, FL

“The experience of joy in my life is so much richer than it has ever been. For the first time in my life, I am only looking inside of me for that sense of well-being. My relationship with Benita is the practice ground for all my other relationships. Benita’s commitment to her own relationship with herself and God is the model in which I choose to live my life.”
— K.B., Entrepreneur, Atlanta

“As my volatile emotions calmed down, my heart opened up. I really feel transformed. That wound-up, angry, ‘high blood pressure’ feeling I used to have is gone! My feelings of hurt, self-pity, and discouragement have also subsided. I feel stronger, calmer, and more peaceful. And I noticed that my capacity for love, kindness, and compassion has increased. As my uncomfortable emotions calmed down, my heart opened up more. I began to feel more loving toward others. All of these changes were unexpected, very soothing, and delightful. Benita is warm and caring, yet also firm and direct, and she knows many techniques and tools that help with personal empowerment.”
–P.L., Writer, Seattle, WA

“Benita gets right to the core. I have spent many years in therapy that seemed to go nowhere. As a Life Coach, Benita is different. Her methods are direct and specific. She has opened my eyes, ears, and heart to looking at life in a very different dimension. I have broken family patterns I’ve had for 50 years. This is by far the hardest and best thing I have ever done in my life!”

—L.T., Artist and Entrepreneur, Atlanta

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I’m looking forward to helping you experience the most fulfilling life possible.

Rev. Benita A. Esposito, MA
“Chief Trail Guide”

Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling for Sensitive Introverts on the Hero’s Journey to the Authentic Self.

“Your Authentic Life. Anything Else is a Compromise.”