Testimonials for Highly Sensitive Introverts

The following testimonials will give you an idea of what is possible for you when you work with me.


Benita, you have the gift of seeing things that most other people cannot see. You see a person’s potential, and you help people to see that for themselves. You see a person‘s heart. You see invisible things. You see emotions in a person’s body, mind and spirit. And you know what to do with what you see. You help people see themselves and heal wounds that are sometimes decades old. Maybe a lifetime of wounds. You are so gifted at seeing. I know that that gift that you have is not always pleasant, but I know that you are grateful for it. I am certainly grateful for your gift. I honestly do not think I would still be here if it weren’t for you. ~L.L., Editor, Atlanta, GA


She wanted to develop self-worth.
“My retreat intention was to erase feelings of unworthiness and being “less than.” As I breathed deeply and connected, I felt grief for the years of feeling “not good enough,” beginning in my childhood. I stayed with my grief and soon Benita was at my side to facilitate me even deeper into these feelings so I could heal.  She placed her healing hands on me, allowing me to really let it all out; it felt like an exorcism had taken place.  I immediately felt calmer and just then Benita, in her infinite wisdom, moved her gifted hands to my head and forehead area.  It was at that point that I experienced true BLISS, MAGNIFICENCE, and complete ACCEPTANCE of myself, just as I am! The rest of the breathwork session was a total party for me, as I moved deeper into my blissful self.  As a result of that breathwork session, the retreat and the expert facilitation of Benita, I continue to experience inner peace, lots of self-love and the KNOWING that I am WORTHY of having the life I choose!” ~T.H., Health Coach and Realtor, Atlanta, GA

He’s a life-long asthma sufferer.
“Thank you for the Breathwork session you led me through the other day. It was amazing! As you know, I have had asthma for more than 25 of my 60 years. The restricted breathing that I usually experience from my asthma was lifted after that session for the rest of the day.  When I left your office, it was almost as if a new room opened in my chest that allowed for much more air to be contained in my lungs.  Your way of working is so gentle, non-intrusive and supportive that it was easy to open up and trust your guidance.  What’s more, your intuitive sense enabled me to release some deep emotional stuff and feel a lot lighter. In addition to the direct results I got from the session, I so enjoyed experiencing you through your work.  You have a way of working and connecting that engendered complete trust in you.  It was easy to allow myself to be carried on the energy wave between us. You are gifted. Thank you for sharing your gift.  I look forward to experiencing more of your work.” ~N.P., Creative Coach, Hawaii.

She wanted clarity on her decision to have children.
This talented musician wanted to have children for several years, but she never conceived.  Now, at age 43, she was examining if she really wanted to give birth to children, adopt, or not have children at all. She wondered if her Authentic Self wanted children, or if she had taken on the values of people around her. If she chose not to have children, she wanted to do her final mourning, and move into greater creativity on a whole new level. She was thinking about starting a small business involving healthy cooking.  After her first breathwork session, she gained the desired clarity. This is what she wrote:

“I feel freer and more at peace. I am not feeling sorry about the decision to not have a baby, but I am mourning the thought of it for a few more days for the final release. I’ve been feeling good, definitely inwardly focused which is what I need to be doing right now. As a result of your Breathwork Retreat, I feel like I have given birth to myself again, which is what I needed to do to let go of everyone else’s preconceived notions of whether I should or shouldn’t have children, and about what I should do with my life. I really do hope to make it to one of your retreats in the future. Thank you again for all you’ve done for me, and for all the many others you’ve helped along the way.”  ~S.K., Entrepreneur, Nashville, TN

She was physically attacked. Her trauma was healed in one weekend.
“Nearly 4 years ago I was attacked and beaten close to death. I struggled for a long time to get over it. The memory eventually faded. Life went back to “normal” but I had lost my innocence.  I was less spontaneous, not as happy, and when I was happy, I was not able to experience the levels of happiness from before. Life had become more like a struggle and less like an adventure. I lost a big part of what made me, me.  I resisted the idea of healing my past trauma, fearing that it would take too long using traditional therapy. I kept pushing the trauma to the back in my mind, and eventually I convinced myself that I was past it. I had accepted that this trauma would forever be a part of me. I had become hardened, cynical, less fun, less able to relax and just be. Then in one afternoon in the Breathwork, I managed to deal with not just this one trauma but with a myriad of other smaller life events that had been dragging me down for a long time. What an incredible relief. I didn’t know such dramatic, fast and powerful healing was possible. It was truly a life changing experience. I would fully recommend it to anyone who wants to experience a better life. One of the things that Benita and the  group said to me after the breathwork was that I looked more innocent. What a gift! That was the very part of me that I had lost and all of the fun of being innocent.  After the breathwork, I was free from all of the baggage that had been weighing me down. Free to re-kindle my energy, power and enthusiasm for life. I am still noticing changes in my attitudes and behaviors that make tears of joy come to my eyes as I realize how much of myself I had lost over the years, and how wonderful it is to have it back. I can’t thank you enough for this life changing experience.” ~E.G., Women’s Entrepreneur Success Coach, Atlanta, GA

She suffered from motion sickness.
“I was a bit apprehensive about participating in this retreat, since part of it was to take place on a yacht on Lake Lanier.  I get motion sickness on boats, but Benita told me that she thought she could help me with it. We boarded the yacht.  Within minutes of being in the cabin and feeling the rocking motion of the boat, I became queasy, lightheaded and sweaty.  I immediately headed up to the deck trying not to panic and hoping to feel better.  It was then that Benita recommended we do a muscle testing healing exercise for motion sickness, which I willingly agreed to. Benita proceeded to facilitate me through this process and within minutes I began to feel much better!  The motion sick feelings disappeared and did not return for the duration of our time on the yacht.  I continue to be amazed at the skill level and mastery that Benita possesses and very, very thankful for her unique gifts!” ~T.H., Atlanta

He was confused about his life direction.
“Before the Breathwork, I lived in a land of limbo that I couldn’t seem to get out of. I didn’t know where I wanted to go with my life. I wanted to understand myself better in the areas of boundaries, indecisiveness, and loving myself.  During the Breathwork, I experienced complete departure from my body. When this happened, I consciously recognized what it feels like to be away. I didn’t want to come back into my body, but here I am, back. I learned that much of the limbo in my life is associated with me not being present in my body.  With this knowledge it will be easier to determine when I leave my body, and I will use more constructive ways to manage my stress.” ~R. C., IT Engineer, Atlanta, GA

She wanted to improve her immune system.
“My immune system has been challenged with candida, viruses and fibromyalgia-type symptoms. It is my belief that repressed or suppressed emotions block the flow of chi/prana. The free flow of this life force energy is essential for my physical health and for me to be able to focus on fulfilling my purposes. I wanted to release blocked energy especially around childhood guilt and shame. The blocked energy affects my health and ability for my body to heal itself. After breathwork, I felt much less tension and stress, and I’m feeling better and better.  I came to realize several things: I’m noticing how often I say “I’m sorry!” I am changing the limiting thoughts that produce inappropriate shame. Much of the physical pain that I’ve been experiencing has been worsened because I’ve been resisting it. I now allow it and my energy flows. I will love my body, respect it and nurture it, just like I will love, respect and nurture the little girl that felt sorry all the time. I have asked for divine assistance in moving to a higher level of consciousness. I am consciously aware of my stress level.  Since the breathwork session, I check in on my stress level, relax and breathe.” ~M.J., Pharmaceutical Sales, Atlanta, GA

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