Testimonials from Highly Sensitive Introverts


The following testimonials will give you an idea of what is possible when you work with me.


When I began working with Benita, I was a successful professional raising children as a single mother. I hid the part of me who was scared, hurt, depressed, anxious, and overstimulated. An 18-year abusive marriage resulted in me losing my sense of Self.

We’ll be going back to court soon. Instead of letting him intimidate me, I feel confident to stand up to my abuser. I know my strength and my worth. I’ve found the courage to love myself and live authentically.

Benita has been a light in my darkest days. She’s helped me understand my high sensitivity. She is a kind, compassionate, strong guide. She holds me accountable and challenges me to new levels of honesty. I no longer avoid the parts that feel too difficult or shameful to address.

Thank you, Benita, for the gifts you have given me. I now know exactly who I am, and I am so proud of the work we have done together. You have opened my eyes to a brighter and more peaceful world.  ~ KH, Sales Executive, Atlanta, GA


I had been working with Benita for roughly 9 months. Benita helped me better understand myself and gave me tools to not only help me cope in life but to also start to thrive.

Because I feel a sense of belonging in the HSP Retreats, I feel more emotionally secure. I like watching Benita coach participants as they explore topics that I wouldn’t have thought to address. I have more strength, hope, and self-confidence. Benita is the best.

On one particular retreat I was dealing with self-loathing. My thought patterns were that if I didn’t get something right the first time I was a failure/bad person. I had to be perfect. Underneath my perfectionism laid Shame. It was rooted deep inside my identity where I hadn’t been able to reach it before.

Breathwork has been the most transformational tool for me. It’s so powerful because it bypasses all your “safe guards.” It brings to the surface the parts of yourself that you didn’t even know you were guarding. I experience feelings of pain, grief, sorrow, and loss. And then love rushes in. I feel comfort, joy, and peace. This has healed the broken parts of my life. Although everyone’s experience is different, everyone walks away changed!

This is the account of one of my experiences during breathwork on Benita’s HSP Deep Emotional Healing retreat.

I saw my birth (which was a stressful one) and I could feel myself, not yet born, questioning whether I was wanted or not. I asked myself, “Do they even want me?”  Then I saw my newborn self in the hospital bassinet feeling very alone. I hadn’t been given to my mother for 24 hours after birth.

I cried out to God asking Him how He could have left me alone, a small innocent baby. What showed me is beyond words. I saw myself in the arms of God as He cradled and rocked me back and forth. He told me He had posted angels on rotation watching over me and that He had NEVER left me. Next, He scooped me up and put me on His chest, skin to skin, and just held me there, safe and secure and LOVED. I have never felt such complete security and unconditional love as I did in the arms of my Heavenly Father, my Creator. I was wanted and taken care of and above all LOVED.

Even though I had been unaware of the pain my birth had caused me, I have felt my wholeness increased on a foundational level. I have an innate sense that there have been shifts deep inside that have made me feel lighter. I feel more love toward myself and a deeper sense of my Creator’s love for me.  ~ C.V., Psychology Student, Canada


Before working with Benita, I felt depressed and confused about how I got into that state. I had worked with other therapists with little success. Benita was different. We began with goal setting, which was new to me. The structure provided a road map so I could see where I was, and where I wanted to be. I was shocked to learn my self-esteem was so low. No wonder I was confused.

After working with Benita for eight months, I am more centered. I can stop the spiral of negative thinking. I am connecting with my emotions for the first time. Because my relationship with myself has improved, my relationships with my husband and grown children have been enriched. I am more decisive. I speak with more clarity from my Authentic Self. I quit drinking alcohol. I sleep through the night. I experience a deeper connection with my higher power. My body is less achy.

Benita sees who I can become and lifts me up. Her warmth helps me feel accepted even when I don’t know all the answers. She listens with laser focus. She confronts my limiting thinking, neither coddling nor belittling me. Self-compassion has softened my demanding Inner Critic.

Benita consistently demonstrates her commitment to my healing process. If you want to improve your circumstances, become your best self, and experience being fully alive, I highly recommend her.  ~ KR, Homemaker, Ontario, Canada


Like a skilled physician with kind bedside manners, Benita doesn’t sugarcoat the moments when tough love is needed. Her compassion flows steadily into the places that sting the most. Her reassurance whispers sweetly to me that things will improve, and they certainly have.

My life was a pit in every sense of the word. I lived in a moldy, dark apartment and I could no longer keep pretending that I was okay. I said and did all the “right” things at work, but I was miserable. I could no longer keep up the façade of “having it all together.” Even with being plagued by insomnia and intrusive thoughts, I still couldn’t say “no” to life’s demands – the ones at work and the ones I thrusted upon myself. There was part of me that believed that if I could just do a little more, I would be good enough in my own eyes. My implementation of coping mechanisms such as people-pleasing and wearing masks was killing me slowly, dimming my inner light that I worked so hard to shine, a light that, I believed, ought to have been effortless. I couldn’t believe the person I was turning into – needing prescription drugs in order to manage day-to-day stressors. I asked myself questions like, “How did I get here? How do I get out?” I knew that if I were ever going to escape this “dungeon” that I needed help from someone else. With God’s grace and mercy, I found Benita.

When I think about my complimentary call with Benita, I wonder if she thought I was a great pretender or if she could see right through me. Because Benita is so gifted and well-acquainted with people who cope by masquerading like myself, I’d like to think the latter. Since our first day together, Benita has shown me that being vulnerable isn’t the same thing as being weak. Being vulnerable is a strength. I can be real with her and my world doesn’t fall apart. I’m still here, and she still wants to listen and get to know the real me. With Benita’s support and compassion, I am learning to open up in ways I never knew were possible. Social anxiety used to steal my voice and sabotage my mind. Now, it’s barely on my radar.

Who I was then and who I am now is night and day. I no longer live in that gloomy, dismal apartment, and Benita has helped me let the light in. The strong current of emotion that howls within me is no longer a catalyst for running and hiding. I am present for all of it. I am learning to voice how I really feel and show up authentically without being tethered to embarrassment or shame. Although it’s scary for me to remove my masks, it’s one of the most liberating things I have ever done. I’m probably still wearing masks that I don’t even know I’m wearing, but I have no doubt Benita can help me lay them to rest. As my journey continues, I am discovering that I don’t have to try to do anything or be anyone else to be loved. I am now more equipped to channel into the way my Heavenly Father sees me, which is the most truthful and loving portrait of myself I could ever have. Thanks to Benita’s wise counsel, I am learning to love myself at ground zero, and I am rediscovering what joy looks like because I am learning that I can be loved just as I am.  ~RP, Homemaker, Blairsville, GA

Benita, you have the gift of seeing things that most other people cannot see. You see a person’s potential, and you help people to see that for themselves. You see a person‘s heart. You see invisible things. You see emotions in a person’s body, mind and spirit. And you know what to do with what you see. You help people see themselves and heal wounds that are sometimes decades old. Maybe a lifetime of wounds. You are so gifted at seeing. I know that that gift that you have is not always pleasant, but I know that you are grateful for it. I am certainly grateful for your gift. I honestly do not think I would still be here if it weren’t for you. ~L.L., Editor, Atlanta, GA


Benita has helped me better understand myself and has given me tools to not only help me cope in life but to also start to thrive.

On one retreat I was dealing with self-loathing, my thought patterns were that if I didn’t get something right the first time I was a failure/bad person and that I had to be perfect otherwise I was once again a failure and a bad person. What this all boiled down to was Shame rooted deep inside my identity where I hadn’t been able to reach before.

The reason breathwork is so powerful to me is because it bypasses all your “safe guards”, and brings to the surface the things and parts of yourself that you didn’t even know you are guarding or protecting. It is the experience that has been transformational for me, experiencing the feelings of pain, grief, sorrow, loss and then feeling the love, comfort, joy, peace that follows through each of my experiences. This is what has healed up the broken parts of my life and though everyone’s experience is different everyone walks away changed!



She wanted to develop self-worth.
“My retreat intention was to erase feelings of unworthiness and being “less than.” As I breathed deeply and connected, I felt grief for the years of feeling “not good enough,” beginning in my childhood. I stayed with my grief and soon Benita was at my side to facilitate me even deeper into these feelings so I could heal.  She placed her healing hands on me, allowing me to really let it all out; it felt like an exorcism had taken place.  I immediately felt calmer and just then Benita, in her infinite wisdom, moved her gifted hands to my head and forehead area.  It was at that point that I experienced true BLISS, MAGNIFICENCE, and complete ACCEPTANCE of myself, just as I am! The rest of the breathwork session was a total party for me, as I moved deeper into my blissful self.  As a result of that breathwork session, the retreat and the expert facilitation of Benita, I continue to experience inner peace, lots of self-love and the KNOWING that I am WORTHY of having the life I choose!” ~T.H., Health Coach and Realtor, Atlanta, GA

He’s a life-long asthma sufferer.
“Thank you for the Breathwork session you led me through the other day. It was amazing! As you know, I have had asthma for more than 25 of my 60 years. The restricted breathing that I usually experience from my asthma was lifted after that session for the rest of the day.  When I left your office, it was almost as if a new room opened in my chest that allowed for much more air to be contained in my lungs.  Your way of working is so gentle, non-intrusive and supportive that it was easy to open up and trust your guidance.  What’s more, your intuitive sense enabled me to release some deep emotional stuff and feel a lot lighter. In addition to the direct results I got from the session, I so enjoyed experiencing you through your work.  You have a way of working and connecting that engendered complete trust in you.  It was easy to allow myself to be carried on the energy wave between us. You are gifted. Thank you for sharing your gift.  I look forward to experiencing more of your work.” ~N.P., Creative Coach, Hawaii.

She wanted clarity on her decision to have children.
This talented musician wanted to have children for several years, but she never conceived.  Now, at age 43, she was examining if she really wanted to give birth to children, adopt, or not have children at all. She wondered if her Authentic Self wanted children, or if she had taken on the values of people around her. If she chose not to have children, she wanted to do her final mourning, and move into greater creativity on a whole new level. She was thinking about starting a small business involving healthy cooking.  After her first breathwork session, she gained the desired clarity. This is what she wrote:

“I feel freer and more at peace. I am not feeling sorry about the decision to not have a baby, but I am mourning the thought of it for a few more days for the final release. I’ve been feeling good, definitely inwardly focused which is what I need to be doing right now. As a result of your Breathwork Retreat, I feel like I have given birth to myself again, which is what I needed to do to let go of everyone else’s preconceived notions of whether I should or shouldn’t have children, and about what I should do with my life. I really do hope to make it to one of your retreats in the future. Thank you again for all you’ve done for me, and for all the many others you’ve helped along the way.”  ~S.K., Entrepreneur, Nashville, TN

She was physically attacked. Her trauma was healed in one weekend.
“Nearly 4 years ago I was attacked and beaten close to death. I struggled for a long time to get over it. The memory eventually faded. Life went back to “normal” but I had lost my innocence.  I was less spontaneous, not as happy, and when I was happy, I was not able to experience the levels of happiness from before. Life had become more like a struggle and less like an adventure. I lost a big part of what made me, me.  I resisted the idea of healing my past trauma, fearing that it would take too long using traditional therapy. I kept pushing the trauma to the back in my mind, and eventually I convinced myself that I was past it. I had accepted that this trauma would forever be a part of me. I had become hardened, cynical, less fun, less able to relax and just be. Then in one afternoon in the Breathwork, I managed to deal with not just this one trauma but with a myriad of other smaller life events that had been dragging me down for a long time. What an incredible relief. I didn’t know such dramatic, fast and powerful healing was possible. It was truly a life changing experience. I would fully recommend it to anyone who wants to experience a better life. One of the things that Benita and the  group said to me after the breathwork was that I looked more innocent. What a gift! That was the very part of me that I had lost and all of the fun of being innocent.  After the breathwork, I was free from all of the baggage that had been weighing me down. Free to re-kindle my energy, power and enthusiasm for life. I am still noticing changes in my attitudes and behaviors that make tears of joy come to my eyes as I realize how much of myself I had lost over the years, and how wonderful it is to have it back. I can’t thank you enough for this life changing experience.” ~E.G., Women’s Entrepreneur Success Coach, Atlanta, GA

She suffered from motion sickness.
“I was a bit apprehensive about participating in this retreat, since part of it was to take place on a yacht on Lake Lanier.  I get motion sickness on boats, but Benita told me that she thought she could help me with it. We boarded the yacht.  Within minutes of being in the cabin and feeling the rocking motion of the boat, I became queasy, lightheaded and sweaty.  I immediately headed up to the deck trying not to panic and hoping to feel better.  It was then that Benita recommended we do a muscle testing healing exercise for motion sickness, which I willingly agreed to. Benita proceeded to facilitate me through this process and within minutes I began to feel much better!  The motion sick feelings disappeared and did not return for the duration of our time on the yacht.  I continue to be amazed at the skill level and mastery that Benita possesses and very, very thankful for her unique gifts!” ~T.H., Atlanta

He was confused about his life direction.
“Before the Breathwork, I lived in a land of limbo that I couldn’t seem to get out of. I didn’t know where I wanted to go with my life. I wanted to understand myself better in the areas of boundaries, indecisiveness, and loving myself.  During the Breathwork, I experienced complete departure from my body. When this happened, I consciously recognized what it feels like to be away. I didn’t want to come back into my body, but here I am, back. I learned that much of the limbo in my life is associated with me not being present in my body.  With this knowledge it will be easier to determine when I leave my body, and I will use more constructive ways to manage my stress.” ~R. C., IT Engineer, Atlanta, GA

She wanted to improve her immune system.
“My immune system has been challenged with candida, viruses and fibromyalgia-type symptoms. It is my belief that repressed or suppressed emotions block the flow of chi/prana. The free flow of this life force energy is essential for my physical health and for me to be able to focus on fulfilling my purposes. I wanted to release blocked energy especially around childhood guilt and shame. The blocked energy affects my health and ability for my body to heal itself. After breathwork, I felt much less tension and stress, and I’m feeling better and better.  I came to realize several things: I’m noticing how often I say “I’m sorry!” I am changing the limiting thoughts that produce inappropriate shame. Much of the physical pain that I’ve been experiencing has been worsened because I’ve been resisting it. I now allow it and my energy flows. I will love my body, respect it and nurture it, just like I will love, respect and nurture the little girl that felt sorry all the time. I have asked for divine assistance in moving to a higher level of consciousness. I am consciously aware of my stress level.  Since the breathwork session, I check in on my stress level, relax and breathe.” ~M.J., Pharmaceutical Sales, Atlanta, GA.

Her self-confidence returned.

“I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you so much for changing my life. I am so appreciative of our work and I am so happy to have tools that are bringing back my confidence.” ~ H.K.


Highly Sensitive Person Group Testimonials

“I have found it invaluable to be in the Highly Sensitive Person Resilience Group. It’s great to find others who have the same struggles and who think the way I do. It’s a relief to know that I am not alone! The group is a warm, safe and accepting environment to learn and grow. I love being encouraged and empowered by Benita and the other group members.” ~Anonymous, Australia

“This group is a breath of fresh air in a world where I often don’t feel like I live in the same atmosphere as others. Through Benita’s guidance, I am able to put feelings into words that are often just on the periphery of conscious awareness. I’m able to better understand myself and make a change if needed. I love hanging out with deeply connected friends in our weekly group. You are like an anchor, fixed, sure, safe. You emulate the fearless leader you love and follow, Jesus. ” ~C. M. Vancouver, Canada

“Being a part of an HSP group not only validated me, but also lifted me up. I met some very strong and insightful people who shared a kindred connection. I feel very blessed to have worked with Benita; she really has made an impact in my life.” ~J.G., Atlanta, GA

“The Highly Sensitive Introvert Group Coaching with Benita has been a truly unique experience for me. Just imagine being part of a group where you can actually be yourself, share what is really going on for you, and gain confidence in the process. Is this actually possible? Trust me, it is! As a highly sensitive introvert myself, this kind of sharing is usually scary. However, I quickly discovered I was not alone. My thought patterns and emotions are common in the group. Every time we meet, we relate to each other’s stories! Together we share ideas for taking creative ownership to find the best solutions for our concerns while Benita offers expert guidance. She brings techniques for us to ponder and use in our lives as we see fit. The best part is that you get all the benefits whether you are being coached by Benita or watching another participant being coached. It is remarkable how much you can learn from others’ experiences and apply them to your own life. Thank you, Benita, for bringing our group of wonderful women together. For the first time in my life, I feel heard, understood and have a true sense of belonging. Thank you, Benita!  ~C.M., Alexandria, VA

“Benita, YOU are our fearless leader and equally an inspiring, faithful servant to our Good Lord!  I admire your strong, tenacious personality, it reminds me of my loving grandma whom I absolutely cherish and miss so deeply.  Your incredible insight into the vulnerable depths of our aching hearts is truly a gift as you seek to understand and then reflect back so to heal our hearts and experience wholeness…THANK YOU Benita!” ~J.F. Missouri

“I value and appreciate Benita’s leadership and her enthusiasm. She has a heart for seeing people healed and whole. She takes on new challenges and is not afraid to learn new skills.  I value her dedication and commitment.  Most of all I value her trust and faith in Jesus and her desire to hear and follow his voice.  I appreciate most of all that she is committed to imparting His love and His grace and His healing to everyone.  I am encouraged by her story – I identify with it in so many ways and am grateful that she has shared her story with such honesty and vulnerability.  I learn so much from her and it gives me hope.  I love the way that she has learned how to deal with conflict and how she demonstrates that to us in practical ways.  I value her wisdom.  I love how she imparts her love of nature and the beautiful things in life and in turn encourages us to enjoy those things that make us come alive.  She models how to live from her authentic self. In turn she wants to help us discover who we really are and for us to live the fullness of life as our authentic selves!” Anonymous

“Benita, You are the catalyst for this group, and more so the creator of the power it holds for each and every one of us. Thank you for going through your own journey bravely and sharing it with the world … none of us would have been able to connect in this way. Your intuition and prayers to bring us together is certainly divine, and I am eternally grateful for it. More so, the group is like the sisters I wish I had growing up, blessing me with your teachings and wisdom. You are making me feel that I Belong, that I matter, that I can just be and show up as I am, I do not need to be or act any different than how I longed to for so many years. I am OK even and especially when I’m hurting because it means that I am healing.  Thank you for holding a sacred space while we meet. I know I am OK in your presence. In your presence, each week, I get closer to finding myself.” ~C.M., Health Coach and Mom

“I cannot thank you enough for being in my life. Had it not been for your dedication to my health and mental stability, I do not know where I would be. My life today is a stark contrast to my life years ago. Thank you for the constant encouragement and for helping me through the parts where I was terrified. Thank you for being a light of Christ in my life when I was in the shadows.”   ~ A.P., Principal Software Engineer, Cox Enterprises, a Fortune 500 company


Highly Sensitive Person Retreats Testimonials

Credit: Benita A Esposito

Please read this anecdote: Healing Grief: Breathwork Opens the Heart and Mends Relationships


“I enjoy attending Benita’s HSP retreats because normally I feel very different from other people. Sometimes I feel lonely. The group retreat gives me a sense of belonging. It helps me feel more emotionally secure when I struggle along side of other highly sensitive people similar to me. We’re all on different parts of the same path, and we share common experiences. God designed us to want to belong in community. Being in the group strengthens me and gives me hope. I like watching Benita coach other participants because they explore issues that I wouldn’t have known to articulate. My life makes more sense because of it. I understand better which behaviors and mindsets are normal for me but are not healthy.” ~ C.V., Vancouver


“Before this HSP retreat, I didn’t feel like I had much self-worth, although I knew I was smart and creative. I always held myself back from living the best version of myself. I grew up with a father, grandfather and brothers who belittled me, and I adopted their perception of who I was. I experienced the following results in this retreat:

  • First, I am worth the effort of loving myself and facing things I think are difficult.
  • Second, I am able to receive God’s love at a much deeper level.
  • Third, the spiritual growth process is worth the birthing pain.
  • Fourth, attending the HSP Retreat was worth the sacrifice of my smaller self so I could show up as fully as I was able.

Now I know – I mean really KNOW – that I am “worth it.” After this retreat, the following happened:

  • God guided me to move away from Atlanta to the mountains where He brought me to a beautiful home that has become my sanctuary. I feel so much more peace every day of my life.
  • I received a generous raise and promotion.
  • My body became healthier than ever before.
  • God united me my Beloved in Benita’s Conscious Dating Group. She’s a woman beyond my wildest dreams.

I recommend the HSP Retreat to all those who yearn to throw off the chains that bind you and live a vibrant life, full of love and creativity, fully showing up as your Authentic Self.” ~ A.P., Principal Software Engineer, Georgia


“Benita is “different” in a good way.  She really cares for her clients. She meets them where they are and really understands their pain.  It’s like she is an angel sent from heaven to help guide us into the loving arms of God.  I am so thankful that my intuition/spirit led me to her. I am overcome with gratefulness for her love and support.” ~Morganton, GA
“I came to Benita wanting to heal from my divorce and trauma. I never imagined how deep we would go or that I would be guided to meet parts of myself that I never knew existed. I was guided to a deep look at my relationship with my father and how it’s impacted me and my inner child. Today was the most difficult and honest look at how my relationship with my father has impacted me, clearly identifying what I carry around with me and how it continues to impact me.” ~HK, Sales Exec, Atlanta, GA
“Benita is unconditionally loving and accepting. This allows me to feel safe, open up and be vulnerable with the deeply hidden parts of me which like to stay that way. She coaxes them out with her beautiful, genuine and grace-filled Authentic Self. Lasting transformational work gets done in these retreats and I think everyone should experience it!” ~C vdM, Vancouver, Canada
“The day after the retreat I woke up to a feeling of hope and security, like the sanctuary I had been searching for had been found inside of me. Benita is an amazing guide. Her discernment and uncanny ability to tune into the spiritual realm is the impetus for miracles. Benita’s gentle yet strong presence, coupled with her intentionality, created the ultimate safe space for me to bring my walls down and discover the deep healing that I sorely needed. My goal was to be open, courageous, and connect with my frightened 4-year-old inner child. God gave me the openness and courage I needed to be receptive to His promptings through Benita’s guidance. My 4-year Inner Child, my Wise Self, and Jesus were united! I learned that it is important that the Wise Self and/or Jesus build connection with my 4-year-old inner child, and to do this, she needs to feel seen and heard. I have a new outlook on unconditionally loving myself due to my transformative session during the retreat.”   ~R.N.


Benita Esposito. Credit: Alysia Hargus Photography

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