Quiz: Are You a Sensitive Introvert?

Question #1:

You’re called to an ever-deepening relationship with God or your higher power.

Question #2:

Sometimes your intense emotional reactions erupt in anger or tears.

Question #3:

You have allergies such as food sensitivities, hay fever, or medication allergies.

Question #4:

You require regular exercise, healthy food, and good sleep, and suffer the consequences without them — much more so than your less-sensitive friends.

Question #5:

As a child, people called you “quiet” or “sensitive.”

Question #6:

Interruptions and time pressures jangle your nerves.

Question #7:

You work best alone in a quiet, pretty place where you visit co-workers as needed.

Question #8:

You feel upset when your loved ones are angry. Harmony is important to you.

Question #9:

Romance without emotional intimacy leaves you feeling flat or anxious.

Question #10:

You’re empathic. You feel emotions deeply, your own and those of others around you.

Question #11:

You pause to reflect before speaking and are careful with the feelings of others.

Question #12:

Disappointment overcomes you when people don’t adopt your visionary ideas.

Question #13:

You’re conscientious and responsible. You feel guilty when you let people down.

Question #14:

You feel recharged when you withdraw to a quiet place to relax daily.

Question #15:

You react adversely to caffeine.

Question #16:

Bright lights, loud noises, large crowds, and strong chemical smells irritate you.

Question #17:

Depression, anxiety and stress are all too frequent visitors in your life.

Question #18:

People say, “I was just joking, just get over it.” But you have a hard time letting it go.

Question #19:

You value personal growth, but you feel stung by criticism.

Question #20:

Violence on the news or in movies disturbs you.

Question #21:

Beauty, especially the beauty of Nature, makes you happy.

Question #22:

Sometimes you feel lonely because few people really understand you.

Question #23:

When you trust people, you share from your heart, otherwise you’re reserved.

Question #24:

You enjoy small parties with an intimate group of people you know well.

Question #25:

Dinner parties and business networking events with strangers give you the jitters.

Question #26:

You dislike social chitchat, but you put up with it as a way to build relationships

Question #27:

You’re intuitive. You can see the potential in people and projects when others can’t.