Quiz: Are You a Sensitive Introvert?


Review the items you marked as true to see which pose the most difficulty for you. These are good areas for personal development that you will want to explore through your Hero’s Journey to Your Authentic Self.

Each step of your journey will bring you more in touch with what’s true and authentic for you, and enable you to navigate the world in a way that truly works for you as a Sensitive Introvert.

As you progress along your path, and develop your beautiful, natural gifts, you’ll begin to feel more and more self-assured, cherishing your true nature as a Sensitive Introvert and enjoying a sweeter and richer life as a result.

This is my dream for you.

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Just because you score less than 14, doesn’t mean you are not a Sensitive Introvert. If a few items really stand out for you, you will find the resources on this site helpful. AND, you probably have a family member, friend, or colleague who is a Sensitive Introvert. So studying this information will help you build healthier relationships with them.


You’re called to an ever-deepening relationship with God or your higher power.


Sometimes your intense emotional reactions erupt in anger or tears.


You have allergies such as food sensitivities, hay fever, or medication allergies.


You require regular exercise, healthy food, and good sleep, and suffer the consequences without them — much more so than your less-sensitive friends.


As a child, people called you “quiet” or “sensitive.”


Interruptions and time pressures jangle your nerves.


You work best alone in a quiet, pretty place where you visit co-workers as needed.


You feel upset when your loved ones are angry. Harmony is important to you.


Romance without emotional intimacy leaves you feeling flat or anxious.


You’re empathic. You feel emotions deeply, your own and those of others around you.


You pause to reflect before speaking and are careful with the feelings of others.


Disappointment overcomes you when people don’t adopt your visionary ideas.


You’re conscientious and responsible. You feel guilty when you let people down.


You feel recharged when you withdraw to a quiet place to relax daily.


You react adversely to caffeine.


Bright lights, loud noises, large crowds, and strong chemical smells irritate you.


Depression, anxiety and stress are all too frequent visitors in your life.


People say, “I was just joking, just get over it.” But you have a hard time letting it go.


You value personal growth, but you feel stung by criticism.


Violence on the news or in movies disturbs you.


Beauty, especially the beauty of Nature, makes you happy.


Sometimes you feel lonely because few people really understand you.


When you trust people, you share from your heart, otherwise you’re reserved.


You enjoy small parties with an intimate group of people you know well.


Dinner parties and business networking events with strangers give you the jitters.


You dislike social chitchat, but you put up with it as a way to build relationships


You’re intuitive. You can see the potential in people and projects when others can’t.