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Are you, or your partner, a Sensitive Introvert?

Do you yearn for intimacy on every level?

If so, your relationship must function in a particular way to meet both of your needs. If you didn’t learn to create win-win agreements early on, frustration and hurt feelings have probably mushroomed.

Before Relationship Coaching …

During arguments, a Sensitive Introvert will typically withdraw to contemplate the best way to manage the conflict. That’s fine if both of you like to take time to reflect before engaging in a heart-to-heart conversation. If not, the more extraverted partner will feel left out.

Criticism is a common problem. We get angry when our needs aren’t met and we protest the distance when our partner goes far away. That’s understandable. Often, anger covers up the hurt that lies underneath the surface. When we don’t share our tender feelings way down deep inside, we inadvertently push our partners away from us.

If we typically don’t get angry, we most likely hold our feelings in, trying not to make waves. Afterall, peace is very important to Sensitive Introverts.

The problem with this approach to peace is that it isn’t real peace.

Holding feelings in drains the energy out of the relationship because there is no genuine emotional connection. Trouble brews under the surface, like the pressure smoldering in a volcano. We flare up when our partner triggers us one more time. “That’s the last straw.”

Of course, we know that blowing up like this doesn’t help, but we may not know any other way to handle our intense emotions that are common for Sensitive Introverts. If we keep sweeping the conflicts under the rug to “keep the peace”, eventually boredom will flatten the love that once drew us together. Then if we’re not careful, one of us may have an affair, and boy, does that complicate things!

Love doesn’t die in the heat of angry battle. Love dies when people get so hurt, they give up trying.

With Relationship Coaching …

You both can learn how to rekindle the flames of love by cultivating genuine emotional intimacy.

Sensitive Introverts require emotional intimacy to open their hearts, minds and bodies to their partner.

Then, and only then, will sexual intimacy be truly fulfilling, creating a bridge between your two spirits.

This exquisite quality of intimacy is what you were made for as a Sensitive Introvert: spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical intimacy. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself and your relationship.

3 Formats for Relationship Coaching

•    55 or 80-minute sessions on the phone, videoconference or in-person.
•    Private Retreats custom-designed for you over 1-3 days.
•    Public Group Retreats such as the annual Valentines Retreat.

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