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“A Journey Into Wholeness”

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As a Sensitive Introvert, your nervous system can get quickly overloaded from relationship conflicts, job stress, and sensory input from things like bright lights, loud noises, crowds, and strong chemicals. And trying to keep up with your ever-ready-energizer-bunny non-highly sensitive extraverted friends can leave you exhausted. Plus, those things just don’t bother them in the same way, which can leave you doubting yourself.

Your life will be so much easier if you stop comparing yourself to the other 83% of the population, and come to grips with the fact that sensitive introverts require daily downtime.

This doesn’t just mean 8 hours of good sleep. It means meditation and deep relaxation.

If you don’t build this into your schedule, you will most likely pay the price. Anxiety, depressed mood, chronic fatigue, pain, insomnia, fibromyalgia, irritability and damaged relationships are common problems among sensitive introverts.

76_Sam&BE grtWe’re a lot like high-strung racehorses and need to treat ourselves with as much tender care as we would such an animal left in our charge.

To have the fulfilling happy life you deserve, self-care must shift to the front burner of your life … every day. Your health will improve, your relationships will be more harmonious, and your work will be more creative.

It’s more effortless than you might think.

It will help you cultivate clear thinking and manage your emotions.

“The failure of self-mastery is often the downfall of leadership. This CD helps you cultivate clear thinking and manage your emotions to prevent costly mistakes while increasing your health.” — Patricia Aburdene, New York Times best selling author of Megatrends

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I Created This Program with You In Mind

This CD, “A Journey into Wholeness,” will help you bring self-care to the forefront of your life in a simple, easy way.

I know it can feel overwhelming to devote time to self-care, meditation, and deep relaxation. I also know how incredibly important it is for you to function optimally. And the truth is, you don’t have to devote a lot of time to self-care. It just has to be effective.

I’ve designed a flexible program you can use on your own schedule and in a variety of ways — one that you can easily adapt to your lifestyle.

“In 2010 I took a Mindfulness & Meditation course for college credit at my university. I listened to a ton of guided meditations on YouTube, trying to find the one most suited to me. Hands down, ‘A Journey into Wholeness’ is the best mindfulness meditation CD I have ever heard!” – A.W., Entrepreneur, Blairsville, GA

“‘A Journey into Wholeness’ is truly extraordinary. It allows me to quickly enter a meditative state, one of absolute relaxation and tranquility. I use it to escape from the hectic rat race of daily living. Benita leads me through a calming and insightful journey that leaves me rejuvenated and happy! I wholeheartedly recommend Benita’s CD for anyone seeking a more fulfilling and rewarding life.”   – J.T., V.P, Engineering Co., Atlanta, GA

Here’s what you’ll experience on your journey.

The “Journey Into Wholeness” CD includes 6 tracks, each designed with a specific purpose.

Track 1: Introduction (4:15)

I’ll introduce you to the meditation process, how it works, and give you guidelines for how and when to use the CD (and when not to use it).

Track 2: Breathing and Relaxation (12:21)

I’ll guide you through deep breathing and relaxation processes. Psychologists call this an active imagination process. You begin by choosing a beautiful safe place for your experience that’s just right for you. This track is 12 minutes long.

I recommend that you use it as part of your daily routine to calm your nervous system.

You can also use Track 2 as many times a day as you like when you are under stress. When you use this CD often, you will be able to access these relaxation skills on demand.  You’ll be able to use it when you most need a calm, clear head — even in the heat of a crisis.

Track 3: Asking for Assistance (2:41)

After listening to Track 2, you’ll be in a relaxed state which will help you be able to hear answers from your spiritual connection or your Wise Self.

Track 4: Meeting Your Wise Guide (3:29) You’ll strengthen your spiritual intimacy so you feel whole, loved and cherished. If you’re a Christian, your Wise Guide will most likely be Jesus, God, or the Holy Spirit. It’s totally up to you.

Track 5: Receiving Guidance (22:00) Every time you listen to this meditation, you’ll focus on a particular question or challenge. The more you listen, the more you’ll be able to receive insights, solutions, and experience aha! moments that feel awesome.

These tracks help Sensitive Introverts excavate creative ideas and wisdom.

Track 6: Affirmations (16:16)

When your inner critic fills your head with negative chatter and makes you anxious, use Track 6 to calm your mind and focus on constructive thoughts.

These affirmations are designed to help you develop spiritual intimacy, the source of all wisdom and power. You’ll increase your ability to stay present and love yourself even when you have uncomfortable emotions.

Your self-esteem will also receive a boost. You’ll feel a deeper sense of inner peace, and you’ll develop a compassionate relationship with your body.

Total time: 62 minutes

When you use this CD repeatedly over several weeks and months, you will be able to reprogram your beliefs and calm your nervous system within 5 to 10 minutes. You’ll cherish yourself more and everyone around you will benefit because you’ll be calmer and less irritable.

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“A Journey into Wholeness” CD

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“I felt free, balanced and centered, relaxed, focused and whole.”

My favorite and most effective tool is Benita’s meditation CD, ‘A Journey Into Wholeness.’  I fell in love with how I felt the first time I listened to it. I felt free, balanced and centered, relaxed, focused and whole. If nothing else, get the “Journey into Wholeness CD.” – S.B., IT Information Architect, Florida

Waterfall Unsplash“Something I can use every day.”

“The music is soothing, and I really like the affirmations, especially when you say ‘it is important to be emotionally intimate with yourself. It is the first step to being emotionally intimate with others.’  You talk about self-love. You talk about taking care of your body. My favorite part, though, is where you say, ‘I will put down my work before it makes me stressed.’  That’s something I can use every day. There are so many things you say that I really believe, like ‘I deserve a happy life.’ I just love them all really.”  ~ A. G., Attorney, Atlanta, GA

“The CD has an amazing clearing effect in the emotional realms.”

Your voice is so soothing and comforting—it was just what I needed. I love connecting with the Divine and resting there. I am still floating. You have done a masterful job.  My sister asked me for a good meditation tool recently after her husband of 32 years passed on. I was at a loss for a satisfactory way to introduce her to meditation, but now I can give her this CD.”  – M.S., Farmer, Iowa.

“It helps me stay calm and peaceful when I’m confronted with stressful challenges.”

“‘A Journey into Wholeness’ CD helps me stay calm and peaceful when I’m confronted with stressful challenges. I don’t fall as deeply into sadness as I used to, and I get back up much faster. It helps me to see past wounds and experience them again, but with different endings that help me heal. I stay focused on my spirit, my Authentic Self. I’m constantly catching myself and looking at situations with different eyes, and I like myself better as a result.” – J.D. Licensed Real Estate Broker, Atlanta, GA

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“A Journey into Wholeness” CD

$17.95 + $4.95 shipping & handling in the U.S.

Tax added for Georgia residents.

Orders are shipped within 3 business days of payment receipt.

No Hassle Guarantee:

You may return your CD for a full refund within 30 days of purchase for any reason.

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