7 Steps to Intuitive Healing

Do you know it is possible to reduce pain by listening to the messages in your emotions?

In this article, “7 Steps to Intuitive Healing,” you’ll see how I helped a client learn to listen intuitively to her body to activate healing. You can do this, too. At first, it helps to have a skilled healer work with you. With practice, you’ll be able to do it on your own.

Research shows that the emotions of highly sensitive people fire stronger and last longer than non-HSPs. Activated emotions can wreak havoc with your body.

When you learn how to process your emotions, your body will hurt less. The brain area that deals with physical sensations is next to the part that handles emotions. They’re close neighbors. Consider common sayings such as:

  • “It’s so beautiful, it takes my breath away.”
  • “I have butterflies in my stomach.”
  • “I’ve got a lump in my throat.”

You’ll see an example of intuitive healing in Maria’s story:

Maria relaxed against the side of her boat in a peaceful cove. When she arose, the pain in her back caught her by surprise. She had no idea what caused it. She visited her chiropractor the next day, and he said she had a slipped disk, L4. She received an adjustment and a massage and felt a lot better, but she was still in pain. I offered to do some energy healing with her that evening.

She lay face down on the massage table while my hands scanned her body. She directed my hands to where it hurt the most: L4. While my right hand remained there, my left hand was intuitively drawn to the back of her heart center. I felt an emotional block there.

I encouraged her to pay attention to the pain and intuitively listen for any emotional messages. I gently rocked her body back and forth in tiny movements, sending her loving energy. I trusted she would access the connection between her pain and her emotions.

Maria began to cry as she processed betrayal, anger, and grief related to a romantic relationship that ended 15 years ago. She thought she had made peace with all that. She did not want to feel it again, but she knew it was a key to her emotional and physical healing.

A couple of weeks after the session, Maria reported back to me.

She said, “I felt supported, safe, and comforted by the placement of your hands, the rocking, and the things you said. I felt an emotional bundle like a knot in my back when you asked about my feelings. Then, when I started to talk and cry, you placed your hands firmly on my back, right on L-4.

“I felt an unlocking, a release, and my pain was immediately lessened.

“I went back to the chiropractor a few days later, and he was surprised and delighted to see how much better I was doing. I am still careful about lifting objects. I had another massage and reflexology yesterday, and I feel a lot better today. Thank you!”

Here are some tools you can use to promote intuitive healing.

  1. Get quiet and turn your attention inside. Create the intention to heal and receive spiritual guidance. Say a prayer. Have a trusted person by your side who knows how to be emotionally present with you. This will help you feel safe.
  2. Throughout the session, take deep breaths to stay grounded and open the flow of energy in your physical and emotional body. After a while, you’ll enter an alpha or theta brainwave state which promotes healing.
  3. Ask, “What is the connection between the pain and the emotion I am feeling? Is there any emotion that I want to push away?”
  4. Intend to stay 100% present as the emotions and memories wash over you.
  5. Experience and express your deep emotions. Step by step, go deeper into the emotion. Say to yourself, “This is my pain. This is my experience. I will stop blaming others. They did what they did, but I am in charge of how I heal now.”
  6. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this situation to improve my life? What is my responsibility in the pain? How is this part of a larger pattern?”
  7. Listen to the messages contained in physical pain. Be curious. Be compassionate. Be courageous. Listen to your Wise Self and God.

Would you like more help to learn intuitive healing?

Listen to my guided meditation, A Journey into Wholeness. It will take you into an alpha or theta brainwave state where healing occurs. Every time you listen, you’ll access your inner world more deeply.

The fastest way to learn intuitive healing is to attend an HSP retreat for Highly Sensitive Introverts.

You’ll have several hours to marinade in the high-level group consciousness and ask questions.

You must learn intuitive healing experientially. You can’t figure it out logically like a math problem. You’ll understand a new language: the language of your body-mind-spirit.

You can also learn intuitive healing through private sessions with Benita Esposito. I’ve found Brainspotting to be particularly helpful in transforming physical and emotional pain. Read this article: Transforming the Inner Critic with Brainspotting.

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