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7 Steps to Intuitive Self-Healing

Do you know that it is possible to reduce pain by properly processing your emotions? Research shows that the emotions of highly sensitive people fire stronger and last longer than non-HSP’s.

Highly Sensitive Person Retreat 2024

Are you a highly sensitive person who longs for a more fulfilling life? Are you overwhelmed, feeling like you’re drowning in the sea of life’s responsibilities? Would you like relief from anxiety, stress, grief, or depression? Are you ready to explore the question, “What will create a truly meaningful life?”

Authentic Power: A Solution to Workplace Stress for HSPs

Do you feel stressed because you have too much work to do? You’re not alone. Several of my high achieving highly sensitive clients have complained about stress due to work demands — especially during the Holidays. Exhaustion compromises their immune systems. Insomnia visits too frequently. Burnout hovers over the horizon like smog on a hot summer […]

Highly Sensitive Person Retreat Details

In-person Retreats include Breathwork, the quickest path for deep emotional healing. Location: Young Harris, Georgia, USA . May 18-19. Register by April 18, 2024. July 20, 2024. Zoom. Register by July 1. October 5-6. Register by September 5, 2024. . Attend more than one retreat. They’re always different.

Conscious Creating Class

New Year’s Day 2024 Location: Zoom . Are you a high achieving successful person but …  •           You’re not satisfied with your current life.  •           You feel a restless yearning for more fulfillment. •           Your relationships are not as gratifying as you would like. •           You like aspects of your work, but you want your […]

Why do HSPs often struggle?

My highly sensitive clients yearn to show up as their Authentic Selves, but it’s difficult for them. Why? There are several reasons. Can you relate to any of these? Highly sensitive people (HSPs) want harmony in relationships so they shy away from expressing their Authentic Self because it might cause conflicts. Instead, they try to […]

Self-care for High-achieving HSPs: Morgan’s story

I share stories about high-achieving Highly Sensitive People on the Hero’s Journey hoping they will inspire you to create a truly fulfilling life rooted in your Authentic Self. If you are not fulfilled, it may be because you conformed to what your family, your culture, or an outdated version of yourself thought was best for […]

Help for Empaths: Motivational Interviewing Part 3

Do you know one of the things I admire most about Highly Sensitive Introverts? We naturally want to help people. It’s our nature to be empathic. When our loved ones hurt, we hurt. Our heart goes out to them. If they’re anxious, we’re anxious to a certain extent. Research reveals that emotions are contagious. The downside of empathy […]