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My Journey Toward Wholeness

Remaining a Square in a Triangle World . This story was written by a participant in the Deep Emotional Healing Retreat and the Highly Sensitive Person Retreat. It’s been a little over a year since my last retreat with Benita A. Esposito. I’ve attended two breathwork retreats with her about a year apart along with […]

One-year Book Birthday Celebration

***Scroll to the bottom for your free gift.*** I hope this story inspires you to move ahead with a project that compels you to birth it. Maybe it’s writing a book. Maybe it’s getting an advanced college degree. Maybe it’s landing a truly fulfilling job. Maybe it’s developing your company. Maybe it’s developing a special […]

Highly Sensitive Person Retreat

Two days: May 2-3, 2020. North Georgia Mountains, USA Early Bird Date: March 27, 2020 Have you ever been told you are too sensitive, just get over it? Do you have intense emotions that fire rapidly and last longer than other people’s? Do you become overwhelmed by conflict and aggressive people? Do you feel distressed […]

Webinar: Conflict Management. I Matter. You Matter.

Are you reluctant to bring up conflicts because others might get angry with you? Most highly sensitive people would rather avoid conflicts if at all possible. It’s anxiety-provoking for us. But here’s the downside. Avoidance does not promote healthy relationships. How do you approach conflict? Do you get quiet and then pressure mounts until you […]

Smart HSP High Achievers Meetup Group

Facilitator: Benita A. Esposito, Licensed Professional Counselor Highly sensitive people (HSPs) often feel “different,” and in this case “different” means inferior. That’s a terrible feeling, and I want to help you change that experience. How many questions can you answer “yes” to? 1) Are you a highly sensitive person (HSP) who feels stressed when there’s […]