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My Journey Toward Wholeness

Remaining a Square in a Triangle World How I Recovered My Authentic Self . This story was written by a participant in the Deep Emotional Healing Retreat and the Highly Sensitive Person Retreat. Even though I am a very capable person and I dearly love God, I have battled feelings of worthlessness and shame my […]

One-year Book Birthday Celebration

***Scroll to the bottom for your free gift.*** I hope this story inspires you to move ahead with a project that compels you to birth it. Maybe it’s writing a book. Maybe it’s getting an advanced college degree. Maybe it’s landing a truly fulfilling job. Maybe it’s developing your company. Maybe it’s developing a special […]

Webinar: Conflict Management. I Matter. You Matter.

Are you reluctant to bring up conflicts because others might get angry with you? Most highly sensitive people would rather avoid conflicts if at all possible. It’s anxiety-provoking for us. But here’s the downside. Avoidance does not promote healthy relationships. How do you approach conflict? Do you get quiet and then pressure mounts until you […]