Meditation Benefits for Highly Sensitive People

As a Highly Sensitive Person, how can Meditation help you?

One of the primary characteristics of highly sensitive people is that we get over-stimulated with sensory input. Our energy gets drained by several things: bright lights, loud sounds, crowds, abrasive energy from people or the environment, too much to do in too little time, being too busy, offensive smells and chemicals and not getting enough rest. Just to name a few.

To maintain a calm nervous system and healthy life-work balance, highly sensitive people need to meditate every single day. Ya, I know, you may say that you don’t have time, but if you schedule time every day, you’ll feel so much better. If not every day, how about 5 days a week?

I block out time on my calendar every day at 3-4pm. Sometimes I don’t take the full hour to meditate; maybe I take 30 minutes. But, if I’m really tired, I take the full hour. Afterwards, I’m calm again, and I have renewed energy for another 6 hours. I don’t get irritable with customer service reps; that’s how I know I’m really calm. I’m patient with my clients.

My centeredness is one of the reasons that therapy and life coaching is so effective. If I’m revved up in my own anxiety, and my client is agitated with their anxiety, I’m much less able to be helpful. I’m doing my clients a big disservice not to meditate. With meditation, I have so much more ability to be present, kind and empathic.

What’s the best time for you to meditate? Noon? After work? Morning?

stairsilluminated-by-pedrojperez-morguefile-freeYour ability to be calm and present is one of your greatest tools. Meditation opens the door so you can access all your other beautiful highly sensitive person gifts: Your intuition and your keen insight. Your creativity. Your warm empathy that helps people feel understood and loved. Your ability to move people and projects to achieve higher goals for the benefit of all.

Meditation is one of your most essential tools to cultivate calmness and centeredness. I encourage you to create sacred time for your self every day. You and all those around you will feel so much better.

I’ve been meditating for 4 decades. When I think about all the things I need to do for self-care as a Highly Sensitive Person, meditation is right up there near the top of the list. I’m happy to help you learn how to meditate, too.

If you would like help to meditate, you might want to use my “Journey into Wholeness” CD. My soothing voice and beautiful music guide you through relaxation processes which slow your heart rate, quiet the monkey mind chatter, and ease the tension in your nervous system. For a full description of the CD and to purchase your copy, click here.

Wishing you many blessings for your health and happiness.

Benita A. Esposito, MA

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