Why talk-therapy isn’t enough

Have you ever been in a situation where your romantic partner didn’t understand you? Or worse, they criticized you or became contemptuous or dismissed your feelings? You tried to create an emotional connection that would help you both feel better, but they kept throwing daggers? That really hurt, didn’t it?

Josephine experienced that with her boyfriend. He had verbally and physically abused her many times. For several counseling sessions, she talked about the problems in her relationship. But talking about them didn’t change anything. I encouraged her to feel the emotions that were triggered when her boyfriend abused her. Josephine wouldn’t go there. She kept complaining about him and skirting her emotions.

I explained to Josephine that talk-therapy is useful to a point, but that it has limited results. Experiential processes such as Breathwork are more effective because we can heal the unconscious patterns that motivate our self-defeating choices. Breathwork can help us connect on a deep spiritual level and make giant shifts in a much shorter time.

Josephine realized that her painful relationship pattern would repeat until she did something drastically different. She chose to enroll in a Breathwork workshop and that’s when her relationships started getting healthier.

Click here to read Josephine’s story and see how she transformed her pattern of hurtful relationships.

If you want to get a sense of how you can stop your painful patterns, you’ll find useful insights in this anecdote.

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Author Benita A. Esposito is a spiritual counselor with four decades of professional experience.


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