Why talk-therapy isn’t enough

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a very important person … maybe a family member or your boss … didn’t understand you? Worse, they criticized you, or dismissed your feelings? You try to communicate to create the emotional engagement that will make you both feel better, but they just won’t connect with you. That really hurts, doesn’t it?

Well, I know because I’ve been in your shoes plenty of times. Reeling from hundreds of relationship injuries, I chose to examine my decision-making processes so I wouldn’t keep getting hurt so badly.

I was smart, but being smart hadn’t changed my relationship patterns. I was successful. I made decent money. I thought I had high self-esteem. But as I drilled down the layers, I found the root of the problem so I could finally change at depth. Hidden under a massive pile of “success in the ways of the world” was a sense of emptiness that I kept ignoring by keeping all my “plates spinning as fast as I could.” After all, life was very demanding.

Maybe you’re like me. Or, maybe you know someone like my client, Josephine (Click here to read Josephine’s story). In the beginning, she didn’t have time for rigorous personal growth. But after a while, she realized that some variation of her painful pattern would keep repeating until she did something drastically different. That’s when she fully committed to her Hero’s Journey to the Authentic Self. And that’s when her relationships started getting healthier and more fulfilling.

As a psychotherapist, I discovered that talk-therapy generated limited results, although it was useful to a point. Experiential processes like Breathwork that help people locate the painful emotions in their body and connect spiritually made giant shifts in my own life and in the life of my clients.

If you haven’t made the changes you want in your life, and you want to get a sense of how I can help you break out of your painful patterns and step into your radiant Authentic Self, here are some tools.

Click here to read Josephine’s story to learn how she transformed her pattern with hurtful relationships.

Click here to read about the Highly Sensitive Person Retreats. We will do deep emotional healing and Breathwork, the most powerful tool I’ve ever found for emotional-spiritual-physical-mental healing. Pre-requisite: 3 private sessions.

Contact me now to apply for this retreat. But first read all the links about Breathwork.

Contact me for your complementary 10-minute get-acquainted phone call to see if we are a good fit for life coaching and spiritual counseling.

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