Resilience: 7 Challenges for Highly Sensitive Introverts

As a counselor and life coach specializing in highly sensitive introverts, I often encounter clients who are incredibly perceptive and deeply affected by their surroundings. Highly sensitive introverts, in particular, possess a unique set of strengths and challenges that can significantly impact their resilience. Read more

Transforming Perfectionism and People-pleasing: a Breathwork Story

If you are like most Highly Sensitive Introverts, you aspire to be your best Self. It’s my joy to encourage you. After you read the client story, click the button for the HSP Retreats. It’s a wise choice if you want to create rapid shifts in your life.

Highly Sensitive Introverts deal with two typical challenges: perfectionism and people-pleasing. While these coping strategies may increase career success, they cover up emotional wounds. You can’t access them to heal them. Your life will grow at a snail’s pace compared to what it could be. Read more