Empaths Feel the Weight of the World Crisis


Now the world is full of fear, uncertainty, hatred, rage, grief and agony. I feel traumatized, but my thoughts are not on my personal traumas. The overwhelming pain that I feel seems to be the pain of the entire world. Many times I feel like I need to scream with all my might until my voice is gone and my body collapses, unable to move. Read more

Meditation Benefits for Highly Sensitive People

As a Highly Sensitive Person, how can Meditation help you?

One of the primary characteristics of highly sensitive people is that we get over-stimulated with sensory input. Our energy gets drained by several things: bright lights, loud sounds, crowds, abrasive energy from people or the environment, too much to do in too little time, being too busy, offensive smells and chemicals and not getting enough rest. Just to name a few. Read more