Webinar: Assertiveness Training for Highly Sensitive People

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

• Why is it so difficult to stand up for my self?
• Why do I let people treat me so poorly?
• Is it selfish to ask for what I want when others don’t like it?
• How do I assert myself without hurting people’s feelings? Read more

Authentic Self – Adapted Self Diagram

You’ll find this diagram in chapter 4: Definition of the Authentic Self. I’ve included it here for those who are listening to the audiobook.

Click on the link below to download the PDF:

Authentic Self – Adapted Self Diagram

This will help you know when you are expressing your Authentic Self and when you are coming from your Adapted Self. As you develop more mastery, you’ll decrease anxiety and depression. You’ll feel more solid and whole. You’ll feel free to be your Authentic Self regardless of external circumstances.